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Land of diversity and history, adventure and calm, mountains and endless coastline. Costa Rica is a dream like no other. It has seen civilizations come and go and rise again, culminating in a present country often referred to as the Switzerland of Central America.

With the 6% of the world’s biodiversity,
2 oceans and over 200 volcanic formations.

Costa Rica is recognized as the birthplace of eco-tourism

Thousands of yearly visitors have access to coral reefs of diving, volcanoes and mountain ranges for hiking, plan beaches for sunbathing, awesome swells for surfing and an unprecedented biodiversity of flora an fauna.

One of the safest countries and oldest democracies in Latin America, Costa Rica offers an amazing investment opportunity for local and foreign buyers alike. With free education offering social stability, universal health care ranked the best in Latin America the country provides security and possibility for all. Leading in conservation, sustainability and ecology, it is no wonder that Costa Rica is one of the world's 5 blue zones with the longest life expectancy. As an investment, the country offers an abundance of tax incentives, a lower cost of living and numerous visas for visitors. With tourism rising and foreign investment on the rise, now is the time to explore all that an investment in Costa Rica can offer.

At Pacifico, we take the work out of investing. Our knowledgeable and experienced team will walk you through the investment process. From finding the best property for you, to financing and legal support, to visa and residency applications, we are here to hold your hand to ensure your investment is sound.

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Life in Harmony, Playas del Coco

Playas del Coco, one of the most popular family beaches in Costa Rica, is a mere 22 miles (35 kms) from Liberia, the Guanacaste capital. This horseshoe bay is crowned with steep cliffs and dotted with quaint beach resorts and hotels. A sea of boats line the inlet’s marina, including the Nimbu fleet, Pacifico’s members only boat club, offering fishing, diving, snorkeling and beach adventures. Playas del Coco is also a parting point for Witches Rock and Ollie Point, two world-renowned nearby surfing destinations.  

The area is also known for some of the country’s best ziplining, hiking and biking trails, and fishing. Adventure seekers can rip through the dense forest on atvs or side by sides, horseback ride on the beach or sail through the clear waters. Immerse yourself in local culture with cooking classes, chocolate making workshops, coffee plantation tours and visits to animal farms. Explore the regions’ many waterfalls, warm your toes in the sand at one of the many beaches or take in the sun on a chartered boat. 

The ocean-side village is small and picturesque, quantly crowned with open-air, intimate restaurants and exotic boutique shops that showcase local talents. The nighttime is filled with the sounds of lively music and chatter that display the typical Ticos gentle nature and love of company.  The area’s beauty is the stuff of legend, inspiring its people to preservation, conversation and community. Guancacaste and Playas del Coco maintain a delicate balance between its natural history, its people’s history and its future and sets a brilliant example of life in harmony. 

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About Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a country that must be experienced fully, whether on a zip line careening from treetop along the canopies of its dense forests or relaxing shore-side, along crystalline beaches and cool ocean breezes.

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