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Creating incredible rental experiences for you and your guests. Our Rental & Property Management service is designed to make the rental process seamless and your investment worthwhile.

Rental & Property Management for na umi Seaside Condominium Owners

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We're pleased to offer two services that the owners of Na Umi Seaside Condominiums may choose to opt in to. Our Rental Management and Property Management services are designed to ensure that you as a homeowner, your guests and renters have a seamless experience. 

Homeowners of Na Umi Suites may choose to rent their property during short or long term periods.  Rental Management Services will be responsible for photographing the unit, preparing listings on all major rental sites and run advertising on various channels to promote the property during available dates.

We will communicate, vet and negotiate with prospective renters to secure the booking, collect deposits and support with any questions or information required. We will also manage the check in and check out process along with being the point of contact for the renter during their stay should they require anything.

In addition, Rental Management is pleased to offer guidance on activities both within Pacifico and the local area. Booking tours, transportation and any other services a renter may need during their stay to ensure a five star experience. Reports are shared frequently with homeowners including income generated on the suites, expenses, reviews and comments.

For this service Rental Management charges 30% of all bookings for a 70/30% split. Na Umi homeowners who choose to rent their property must use the Rental Management Service as the sole property rental vendor.

Rental Management Services

Na Umi homeowners may also opt into the Property Management Service. This service is designed to support in maintaining the property, specifically during times that the homeowner is not present.

For a monthly fee, Property Management Services will pay all the utility bills, including but not limited to water, electricity, internet, cable and phone; home owner association fees (HOAs) and property taxes on behalf of the homeowner.

These services must either be paid using a local bank transfer or physically at approved locations in the area, making it challenging for foreign owners who are not always in the country.

Property Management Services will also check the suite frequently, identify and repair any maintenance issues required for a 15% surcharge over the cost of the repair or replacement. Cleaning services will also be provided to ensure the unit is presentable prior to owner visits.

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