Nimbu Boat Club FAQ

We're so happy to help you find your perfect residence and to make your ownership process go as smooth as possible. The questions and answers below provide an overview of our Pacifico Rental Program.

Frequently asked questions

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What are the fees to be a boat club member?

The initial membership fee is $7,500 USD which entitles you to a membership for 5 years. There is also a monthly fee of $450 USD.

Can anyone be a member of the boat club?

Boat club memberships are reserved for Pacifico homeowners.

If I rent my unit, can renters use the boat club?

Renters are not permitted to use the boat club.  Only homeowners and their guest may sail. Homeowners must be present on sail days.

How many times a month can I use the boat club?

As a member you have access to the boat club for 2 full days or 4 half days a month. On weekends, only half days are offered. Additional days can be purchased for an extra cost.

Can I roll over days if I don't use them the month prior?

Days cannot be transferred. They must be used within the month as they do not roll over.

What boats are available to use?

Our fleet includes: One 28 foot center console (with an additional arriving September 2022) and two 32 foot dual consoles. Our 28 foot center console boat has a capacity of 8 while our 32 foot dual console boars hold 14 passengers and 2 captains.

What toys can we use?

We have a selection of water toys that you may request as part of your experience including: Paddle boards, wakeboards, magic carpets, donuts, snorkels. You may select two toys per vessel.

Is gas included?

No, gas and a service marina fee will be charged to a credit card on file once usage chas been calculated after your boating day. Gas will be charge at market price for the day plus the marina service fee.

What is included on my boat day?

Pacifico will provide transportation from the Pacifico Beach Club to the boat via a small chartered water taxi. We will also provide an experienced captain, any requested water toys, towels, life jackets, first aid kit, garbage bags. There is also a small washroom on each vessel.

What should I bring on my boat day?

We have limited space on our boats, so we ask that you pack light. Bring sunscreen (please note tinted sunscreens are not allowed) and any other personal items. You don't need to worry about bringing towels or life jackets. If you are bringing your own food and beverage, please use waterproof coolers. Please note glass is not permitted.

What extra fees apply on a fishing excursion?

Fishing bait and tackle with be charged extra at $50. As well, a first mate will be required to support the captain for an additional cost of $40 per day.

What about food and beverage?

Pacifico is pleased to offer a full menu of lunch, snacks and beverages in appropriate individual containers in sealed, waterproof coolers. The menu is available for you to order up to 48 hours in advance. You are also welcome to bring your own food and beverage. It must be in waterproof coolers with no wheels. No glass is permited.

How do I make a reservation?

Once you become a member, you will be given access to a password protected area of our website. There you will be able to select a date, full or half day, any toys and food and beverage.

How far in advance can I reserve?

As a member, you can have a maximum of two bookings reserved at a time. We requiere at least 48 hours notice for bookings.

Can I drive the boat?

Unfortunately, only the authorized captain provided by Pacifico can drive the vessel at all times.

What are the hours for sailing?

Morning charters leave at 9am and return at 1pm. Afternoon charters depart at 2:00pm and return at 6:00pm. A full day is from 9:00am - 6:00pm. Fishing touts depart at 7:00am.

Can I bring my pet on the boat?

No animals are permitted on the boat.

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